Keno is a game which is very similar to bingo in as far as players need to correctly guess which numbers on their card will be selected at random. Keno can be found in a vast number of places rather than just casinos.

Keno has become hugely popular recently to such an extent that it’s not unusual to find Keno in restaurants, corner shops, bars and shopping centres. It’s rise in popularity has generally been put down to the fact that it is cheap to play but offers some potentially huge payouts. What’s more it can be played pretty much anywhere and is a lot more easy to learn than other casino games.

In order to play Keno, a player must purchase a card which typically lists around 80 numbers in eight rows of ten. Anywhere from 1 to 20 numbers must then be chosen from the card.

The amount of numbers you pick ultimately decides the size of your cash payout. The size of the winnings varies depending on where you’re playing, but it’s safe to say that the more numbers you chose, the larger your potential prize fund is.

After you have made all of your picks (or spots) the card is returned to the operating team running the game and twenty numbers are selected at random either by a computer or from a large machine. If any of those numbers match the ones that you selected on your card, you will be paid according to the casino’s pay table.

For example, if you managed to select three out of five numbers, you might be paid 20x your original stake. If you managed to do better than that though and get all five numbers, then you could expect to be paid 200 times your initial stake.

Some of the best casinos  may offer a progressive jackpot to players who are able to guess 10 or even 20 numbers correctly meaning that potential payouts could exceed $150,000.

Keno doesn’t offer the sort of value that other casino games do (indeed the average Keno game will return less than the 80% of the original cash staked). However it will always remain a popular favourite as it’s so cheap to play and the potential rewards mean that the game is worth a few dollars.


When you talk to Keno players, the vast majority will mention some kind of strategy that they have to help improve their odds of wining. Ultimately though, the game is based purely on chance as the numbers are picked at random. There really is nothing that the player can do to help improve their chance of success … and that’s perhaps where the beauty of the game lies.

The only advice I can really offer is to find a casino like Tower which offers high payouts and large progressive jackpots on its Keno games.


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